What is it?

Learn tour management in real-time, with real people, and real outcomes. The tour is the classroom. Bus Edition is a five-day immersion on a national concert tour. Learn, live and work on the bus, behind the stage, in the green room, on the road, and at the merch booth.

Designed by Martin Atkins and inspired by his best-selling book, Tour:Smart, Bus Edition embeds students on a US concert tour for four to five shows throughout the country.

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So… you want to be a tour manager?

Tour managing puts you somewhere between travel agent, psychiatrist, trouble-shooter, imaginative thinker, diplomat, plate-spinner, and accountant; watching the bottom line but then understanding when it doesn’t matter.

Really great tour management is unseen. It is the invisible difference of multiplied minutiae that either build a higher platform for the artist to jump off of or slowly mount on their backs as a weight to carry, suffocate, and sap. It is a compassionate understanding of the stress of being on the road. It is respect first and foremost for the craft, the tradition, and the honor of the field.




Experience new cities and new cultures while learning and building a community that will support a career in touring.




Tour management jobs aren’t posted to traditional job boards. This is a field of connections and networks that can only be built and cemented on the road.



hours of immersive experience

There is no better teacher than experience. This is a 24/7 commitment. There are no breaks and no make-up work. Learn more in five days than in an entire semester of traditional study.


What will I learn?

Crafted by tour managers, educators, industry professionals, and artists, Tour:Smart Bus Edition combines traditional instruction (lectures, demonstrations) reflective practice, and hands-on, real-world experience.

The immersion builds critical thinking skills, enhances problem-solving abilities, and internalizes the mindset required to be successful in the music business.

Each day on the road focuses on a touring hub, each night brings a show to life, and the hours in between are curated for reflection and growth. Areas of focus include:

Tour Management | Venue and Accessibility | Merch | Production | Ticketing and VIP Experiences


a mindset

“Good tour managers enable magic; bad ones necessitate it.”

Martin Atkins / Tour:Smart




Go On Tour.

Learn tour management in real-time, in real life, on the road. The tour is the classroom.

Fall 2019 is sold out! We are taking standby applications. The Summer 2020 Early Bird list is open. Applications for Summer 2020 open January 15, 2020. Space in the program is extremely limited. College credit may apply (check with your home institution).